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Philips EP Navigator eLearning Tool

The EP Navigator eLearning tool was developed by DDA Medical for Philips Healthcare as a part of a series of DDA's unique Virtual Medical SimulationT programs, designed to help train physicians and medical technicians on the proper use of Philips' medical equipment and software. The tool brings users into a lush Interactive Immersive Environment that replicates the appearance of a lab and procedure room in remarkable detail. The tool begins with an introduction to the Philips interventional suite provided by live action video of an actor from DDA Medical's Actors' Network (filmed on green screen in DDA Medical's studios), who also provides the voice-over narration for the simulations. A passive simulation is provided to demonstrate the procedure, while the active simulation challenges users to virtually perform the procedure on their own.

Users are given the options to navigate to particular sections of the simulations, access close-captioned text, or refer to Quick Reference Cards in PDF format for help. The tool also features a testing section which allows users to demonstrate their knowledge through multiple choice questions and receive a personalized certificate of completion upon passing. There are also login and registration areas, in addition to tracking components accessible through a custom-programmed backend administrative system. DDA Medical's creative and technical professionals designed and developed all components of this VMS and also created a mobile app version for easy use on smartphones and tablets.

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Philips EP Navigator

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