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Dynamic Digital Advertising has been at the forefront of digital advertising since its founding in 1994. In an ever-changing technological world, the use of virtual reality as a business tool becomes more practical each year. Virtual reality can be used to show a 360-degree view of a product or machine, tour different rooms of a building or showcase a panoramic view. Using virtual reality on your website to tour a facility, present a product showcase or demonstrate a device is becoming easier and more important.

Dynamic Digital Advertising is a leader in creating virtual reality showcases for product presentation. Virtual reality is an excellent instrument for communicating the capabilities of a product, whether simple or complex. With computer-generated 3D graphics, the product comes to life on screen. The virtual product can be animated and interactive to showcase the special features and aspects of its design. Designing computer generated images for engineers can result in showing the final product as a 3D model, with full 360-degree rotation.

Virtual environments are useful in representing worlds that are either real or abstract. A “real” virtual world can be created to represent the appearance of a corporate facility when construction is complete. It can even be used for much larger environments, like a football stadium, to estimate how many fans the arena will seat. An example of an abstract virtual world would be using 3D modeling to show the structure of human DNA and animating in a 360-degree rotation to show the formation from all sides.

Computer-generated images and 3D animation can also show the interior movements of a large piece of equipment in a way that might otherwise be impossible. Explaining how industrial technology operates can be complicated, with the end result sounding technically above the understanding of most people. With 3D graphics and animation, showing how machinery functions can benefit a company greatly in engineering presentations, trade show displays and employee training.

Employee training can be effectively and efficiently implemented with the use of virtual reality environments. Information given in conjunction with visuals such as animated 3D graphics can be helpful in showing how to use a piece of equipment. Corporate CD-Roms that include 3D product demonstrations, animated depictions of processes or techniques and corporate information can be successfully used to educate a new employee.

Virtual reality can be used to educate, demonstrate and showcase products and corporate information. The entertainment industry is a large consumer of virtual environments and three-dimensional scenes that are used in video games and movies. One of the most important uses of virtual reality is by the military, including providing future pilots training through flight simulators. The dataglove, a computer interface device that detects hand movements, was produced to create music by linking hand gestures to a synthesizer. It was later widely used for video games by Mattel in the 1980s.

Dynamic Digital Advertising is capable of creating high quality virtual worlds and computer generated graphics and animations. Demonstrating products and machinery with 3D animated graphics and virtual environments can help consumers understand the capabilities of your products or services. Let DDA transform your company’s marketing and education technology with virtual reality and you will be providing excellent tools for your customers and employees.

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